Two Platforms
Controlled IL-12
Cold Tumors Hot
by Activating an
Immune Response
Sleeping Beauty
Genetic Modification
of CAR-T Cells
and TCRs

Science-driven and focused
on developing the next generation of immuno-oncology gene and cell therapies,
Ziopharm has two distinct clinically advanced paths to stimulate, tune, and control the
body’s immune response to fight blood cancers and solid tumors.

“Our focus here at Ziopharm is to reestablish the immune system and allow the body’s own defenses to destroy tumors.”

Sleeping Beauty T-Cell Therapy
Sleeping Beauty is one of the most clinically advanced non-viral cell therapy platforms that genetically modifies T cells to express CAR or TCR. This technology enables a new, scalable approach to manufacturing cell therapy products called Rapid Personalized Manufacturing or RPM, and we believe it will produce these therapies in a fraction of the time and cost compared to what’s currently available.
Controlled IL-12
Interleukin 12, or IL-12, is a master regulator of the immune system. Ziopharm uses it to weaponize the immune system and call T cells deep into tumors, while controlling expression of IL-12 and the body’s response with our RheoSwitch Therapeutic System®.
Helping patients leverage the power of the immune system in the fight against cancer.