T-Cell Therapy

Very rapid manufacturing of non-viral T-cell therapy at a fraction of the cost and time

T-Cell therapy

Advances in administering T-cell therapies, like CAR-T or TCR therapies, are changing the way we fight cancer, and Ziopharm is focused on changing the way we think about cell therapies. Specifically, we are implementing a non-viral cell therapy platform that has the potential to produce T-cell therapies that are scalable to meet the needs and numbers of patients at a fraction of the cost and time of currently approved therapies.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is among the most clinically-advanced non-viral cell therapy technologies. With it, Ziopharm is very rapidly manufacturing genetically modified chimeric antigen receptors (or CARs) and T-cell receptors (or TCRs) targeting specific tumor-derived antigens. This technology enables the manufacturing of cell therapy products where the patient is receiving treatment or at the point-of-care. Point-of-care manufacturing does not require the ex vivo T-cell expansion necessary for virus-based CAR-T technologies and therefore we believe it will produce these therapies in a fraction of the time and cost compared to what’s currently available.

“From the patient perspective, the Sleeping Beauty technology will allow that patient to begin treating their cancer within days of their diagnosis.”


Ziopharm’s Sleeping Beauty system allows care providers to use the same flexible, point-of-care manufacturing to develop cell therapies using CARs and TCRs that target antigens – a unique marker that helps the immune system identify certain cancers. Sleeping Beauty has the versatility to target multiple antigens and provide therapeutic options for blood cancers and solid tumors.